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Water Well

Water Well – Water Bore Drilling

Commercial – Mining – Stock and Domestic – Town Water Bores
Single Aquifer – Multiple Aquifer – Flowing Aquifer


Water Bore Information Sheet – Rotary Mud Drilling
Water Bore Information Sheet – Rotary Air Drilling

Groundwater Salinity Chart
Groundwater Data, South Australia
Application for permit to drill, plug, backfill (decommission) or seal a well or repair, replace or alter the casing, lining or screen of a well.

Irrigation Bores

Licensed bore drilling for stock, domestic, recreational, commercial irrigation in multiple aquifer systems.

  • Agriculture
  • Farming
  • Commercial


Mine Site

Complete range of bore drilling and water collection services with full compliance licencing in all South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

  • Production Bores
  • Monitoring Bores
  • Dewatering Bores
  • Infrastructure

Water Well – Water Bore Drilling1Water Well – Water Bore Drilling2Water Well – Water Bore Drilling3

Town / Government

Town water supplies in multiple aquifer systems.

  • A.S.R. (Aquifer, Storage, Recovery)
  • Salt Interception Bores
  • Country – Community – Town Supply

Licenced Water Bore Drillers in All States

Bore Design, formation sampling, water sampling

Bore maintenance and bore rehabilitation

Bore decommissioning

Bore development – bore yield testing

Pump sales and installations