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Mineral Exploration

Mineral Exploration

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Air Drilling

Mineral  Exploration1A drilling technique whereby gases (typically compressed air or nitrogen) are used to cool the drill bit and lift cuttings out of the wellbore, instead of the more conventional use of liquids. Ideally applied where there are long wellbore sections  and minimal formation pressures and medium to hard formations with low ROP. Whilst this is a substantially faster technique with lower costs there are disadvantages which we would be happy to advise on.

  • Reverse Circulation
  • Directional Reverse Circulation
  • Blade/Hammer
  • Air Coring

Rotary Mud Drilling

Mineral  Exploration2Rotary Mud Drilling is commonly applied to  drilling through sand and clay layers and soft rocks often in coal, oil and gas exploration. Clay and water is forced down a drill hole employing a rotary bit and the broken material and rock is brought to the surface in a mud slurry. May be employed up to about 3 Kilometers in depth.

  • Chip Sampling
  • Precollars through Alluvial/Clays
  • P.C.D. bits

Diamond Coring

Mineral  Exploration3A hollow drill pipe is used to extract a solid core from depth, for examination on the surface. The bit is composed of industrial diamonds in a soft metallic matrix. The bit and drill stem is connected to a rotary drill.

  • NQ
  • HQ
  • PQ
  • Large Bulk Core